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Mastering in Logic Pro X : The Basics

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Limiting is somewhat similar to compressing, but in a much more aggressive way: these plugins will squash any sound that exceeds the threshold , enabling you to have more perceived loudness without clipping. There are two plugins for this job inside Logic: the Limiter and the Adaptive. With the first one, you will have to dial the release by yourself, as opposed to with the latter, which will automatically adapt the value based on your audio signal.

Both can do a pretty good job but the Adaptive one will sound more natural on most applications so we recommend going with it. After you load the Limiter plugin into your project, insert the Loudness Meter afterward so you can see your audio volume in Lufs.

Basically speaking, it is the kind of metering used by streaming services and audio platforms to standardize levels. What each platform does is automatically turn down the gain of any song that is louder than a certain value , so as to create a better experience for the listener. This value will vary depending on the service. Spotify , for example, normalizes everything to Lufs. The first thing to do after you load the plugin is to set the Out Ceiling value to -1dB.

This is a safety measure to ensure better playback of your song through different systems without clipping. Now, put the Loudness Meter side-to-side with your Limiter window and adjust the Gain knob until your audio is at to Lufs.

What dithering does is apply low-level noise to your sound, avoiding any data or quality loss. This is a tip that will also apply for mixing. Be sure to bounce different versions of your track and test how they sound across different listening systems. For example headphones , earbuds , small speakers , and the car stereo. One of the major goals in mastering and mixing is to make sure your track sounds good across a wide variety of equipment and environments.

Sure, it is impossible to achieve a perfect result, but if you feel like your master is not sounding as impactful in your car stereo as it is in the studio , take a moment to adjust your parameters until you find a common ground. Even though Logic Pro will offer you a complete set of plugins , you can find some great additional free ones to aid you both in the production process and to take your masters to the next level.

Here is our selection:. Channel-strip plugin with built-in equalizer, compressor, tape saturation, and limiter sections. An all-in-one solution. A simple monitor speaker simulation tool. Great especially for those mastering with headphones. There should be a few in there specifically for a rock song, and they’ll get you decent results. Take a look at what settings are on the compressor and it’ll give you some ideas.

I’ve got one for you – SSL compressor settings as presets, known to be very good: SSL G presets for Logic 8 Compressor download Then it’s just the usual advice – put the compressor on, pull up a mastering preset, pull the threshold down until it’s taking off a lot of DB e. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated, I don’t believe it’s an up to date version, maybe years old?

Top Mentioned Manufacturers. This means that if necessary, we can make it louder without clipping. This is the true purpose of a peak limiter. Load it as the final plugin in your chain and set the ceiling to This where we start to work backwards, at least as far as the order of plugins in your chain is concerned. Before, I mentioned how playback volume has a huge bearing on how we perceive frequency balance and dynamics. This is where we work to minimise that variable.

Earlier, I shared this article on how to set up your monitoring level. Now that you are close to the goal, any issues with regard to dynamics and EQ will start to make themselves apparent. Now you can work your way back into the chain, tackling these specific issues. Use the tools at your disposal to solve the problems.

If there are no problems, have the courage to believe that and move onto the final step. This is where you actually create the master files. Simply use the Bounce command in Logic Pro X and select the appropriate formats for where you want to submit your music.

Tip: Dither your master. We end, of course, almost where we began by considering the final loudness of the master. Despite streaming services attenuating over-loud mixes, we still have a choice to actively over-cook our masters, although of course the more limiting we apply, the more the streaming service will attenuate playback.

Using the supplied Logic Mastering template , though, we can quickly compare the musicality of different loudness settings and discover what works best for our music. Drag the song onto both the Master and Reference track, which will allow you to audition the track before and after processing. The project includes two Screensets. Placed across the main Stereo Output bus, we can solo either the Middle or Side channels accordingly.

Notice how the EQ is only lifting the sides of the mix, accentuating details like the reverb rather than the entirety of the sound. Apply a heavy high-pass filter cut on the low-end of the Side channel. To keep the low end tidy, this EQ setting could also be combined with the high-pass cut around 30Hz. Solo each of the bands to hear how the track is currently being deconstructed.



VERY QUICK Mastering tips/cheats in Logic Pro? – .

In This How To Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music in Logic Pro X, I will show you how to create a full mix down and master from two different music. This guide will serve as a primer to get you started mastering tracks in Logic Pro X. How to start and what to aim for. Step by step process to get started. Effective mastering in Logic Pro X isn’t just about picking a few Having explored some ‘quick-fix’ mastering solutions in our last.


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